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    Soroptimists are women at their best, working to help other women to be their best.
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    • May 4, 2018ECR’s 86th Spring Conference -hosted by SI Cambridge
    • May 9, 2018 7:00 pmMonthly Meeting - held at 200 John West Way, Aurora
    • June 13, 2018 7:00 pmMonthly Meeting - held at 200 John West Way, Aurora
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What our Members have to say:

​Soroptimist to me, means working with other members to strengthen our local communities.  As members of a global organization, we are each part of a movement that goes around the world.  By working together we are increasing our collective impact of helping many women to improve their lives.  I get a great satisfaction in knowing my efforts are helping countless women and girls fulfill their dreams.               
RoseMary Reid, Member SI York Region, 2015-2016 SIA President Elect

Being a Soroptimist has made me feel empowered to be able to make a difference in the lives of other women and their families, as well as provided me with many opportunities to grow and learn.   Sonia Comiré,  SIYR Past President                          

Becoming a Soroptimist is one of the best decisions I have made… being able to give back, reach out and help at least one person has made my life worth while and complete.             Sherry Harrikissoon, SIYR member       

For me, being a Soroptimist means having an opportunity to honour girls and women in our community who have contributed time, money, and passion to improve themselves and the lives of others. Their lives inspire me.     Sharon Andrews, SIYR member

I believe by helping women within our own community and raising awareness on issues which would otherwise go unheard of,  or worse still,  unaddressed, is a way to make a difference. Volunteering with SIYR and working together with an amazing group of women to raise funds for a great cause, also helps me to grow and be a better person.    Pat Giusti, SIYR member

A Special thanks to all our Members

– without them making a difference in Women’s lives would not be possible  

Members List

 Sharon Andrews 
  e   sharon@sharonandrews.ca 
  w   www.sharonandrews.ca
 Sonia Comiré 
  e   studio.s@rogers.com 
  w  www.studiosdesign.ca
 Esthela Cuenca  
  e   rmacuenca@rogers.com  
 Carolina De Rose  
  e   cderose@acn.net  
  w  www.cderose.acndirect.com 
 Ingrid Folkers
  e  2ladies@rogers.com

 Angel Freedman  
  e   angelfreedman@rogers.com
  w  www.angelfreedman.com 
 Pat Giusti
  e   pgiusti@rogers.com
 Sherry Harrikissoon   
  e   sherry.harrikisson.cv2w@statefarm.com
  Judy Hutchins

  e   judyhutchins@rogers.com 
  w  www.century21.ca/judy.hutchins
 Keyoomars Jahadi

  e   k.jahadi@yahoo.com 
  Kristi Kanitz

  e  Kristi@flagshipsoftware.com
 Sheri Majdpour 

  e  sheri9999@gmail.com
  Soosan Majdpour

  e  soosan.ozzo@gmail.com
 Rose Mary Reid

  e  rreidbaca@gmail.com
  Corinne Rivers

  e  corinne@cmrlaw.ca
 Janet Wheeler

  e  thecornerdecorandmore@bellnet.ca 
  w  www.thecornerdecorandmore.com
  Judith Varga
  e  judithvarga@rogers.com